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Welcome to Yemie Health Consultancy Service!
Established in June 2020, Yemie Health Consultancy Service (YHC) is a legally registered private firm dedicated to providing exceptional services in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to forge strong and enduring partnerships with our clients, working closely with them on a long-term basis to integrate the best practices into their operations.
At YHC, we specialize in facilitating connections between wholesalers and buyers, importers and exporters of medical equipment and drugs. We also serve as a bridge between medical equipment installers, operators, and repairers and their customers. Additionally, we assist new hospital, clinic, diagnostic laboratory, and pharmacy establishers in connecting with the appropriate professionals. Our expertise extends to consulting for producers of reagents and chemicals, conducting food and water treatment analysis, and developing infection diagnosis and prevention manuals.
We take pride in our ability to prepare health safety policies and hazard verification protocols, as well as evaluate and validate new and existing test kits and instruments. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive training, teaching, and consulting services to health professionals. Our team is experienced in designing health research proposals, collecting and analyzing data, and writing manuscripts for publications.
YHC is committed to creating networks for mental health and psychosocial support providers, enabling them to connect with their customers more effectively. Additionally, we facilitate communication between health professionals and their employers, ensuring a harmonious working relationship.
As part of our continuous growth, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training center. This center will play a crucial role in enhancing the nation’s health educational level by providing valuable educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.
At Yemie Health Consultancy Service, we pride ourselves on being the “Trusted Partner” for our clients. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in their health operations, whether in Tigray, nationally, or internationally, and delivering increased value to their businesses. Our professionalism is always at the forefront as we diligently work to protect and support our customers’ businesses.
Thank you for choosing Yemie Health Consultancy Service. We look forward to serving you and meeting your healthcare needs with excellence and dedication.

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