Notice: Emergency Abdominal Ultrasound Training in Mekelle

Attention all healthcare professionals in Mekelle and surrounding areas,

Yemie Health Consultancy Services is pleased to announce an upcoming Emergency Abdominal Ultrasound Training program. This training aims to equip healthcare professionals with the essential skills and knowledge required to perform emergency abdominal ultrasound examinations in a clinical setting.

Registration Period: 15th to 25th December 2023
Training Period: 3rd to 23rd January 2024
Location: Yemie Health Consultancy Office, Mekelle

This comprehensive training program will cover various aspects of emergency abdominal ultrasound, including:

  1. Principles and techniques of abdominal ultrasound imaging.
  2. Identification and interpretation of normal and abnormal abdominal ultrasound findings.
  3. Recognition of common abdominal emergencies, such as appendicitis, gallbladder pathology, kidney stones, and abdominal trauma.
  4. Hands-on practice sessions using state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.
  5. Case studies and interactive discussions.

The training will be conducted by experienced ultrasound specialists from Yemie Health Consultancy Services, who possess extensive expertise in the field of emergency ultrasound. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from these experts and gain practical insights into the effective use of ultrasound in emergency situations.

This training is open to healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, sonographers, and other medical personnel involved in emergency care. It presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your diagnostic skills and improve patient outcomes in emergency abdominal cases.

Spaces for this training program are limited, and registration is required to secure your spot. To register or obtain further information, please contact us at +251 91 401 9989 or

Yemie Health Consultancy Services is committed to providing high-quality training and education to healthcare professionals, empowering them to deliver exceptional care. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your skills in emergency abdominal ultrasound.

We look forward to your participation in this training program and your contribution to improving emergency care in Mekelle and beyond.